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Famous Gay and lesbian People

In the world of celebrites there are many Gay and Lesbian personalities. Some are more obvious than others and you maybe surprised at the names we list.

Some Gay celebrities are very private or discret about their personalities and are not seen often in public life. Others use their homosexuality to their advantage, everyone is different and this may teach you not to be stereotypical about Gay people . You may think all Gay males are Feminine and Gay women are very masqueline. These Gay celebrites should proove you wrong.
Andy Bell

Andy Bell is best known as the singer for pop act, Erasure. Erasure was a pop success in the late ... Click Here to read more.

Boy George

Boy George is most famous as the lead singer for 80s band Culture Club and is currently a outspoken media figure and DJ.

Known for his excentric dress sense and camp personality. Rumours were ripe at this point that Boy George ... Click Here to read more.

Dale Winton

Dale Winton began his showbiz life as a london club DJ. After this he became a radio DJ and later on became a Television presenter, presenting game shows such as the National Lottery and ... Click Here to read more.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore shot to fame in 1982 as she starred in the Steven Speilberg film, ET which was a box office hit. Despite this success Drew Barrymore had a troubled childhood turning to drinking and drugs by the time she was 9. As she hit adulthood she overcame her drug abuse and became a sex symbol in 1990 as she played a teenage girl good at seducing men in Poison Ivy, photographed naked for Playboy magazine and climed on ... Click Here to read more.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres starred in US 1990s sitcom Ellen. The show got full media attention when in person she admitted she was Gay and her character who she played in the show announced her sexuality. From this point on the show about ... Click Here to read more.

Elton John

One of the most successful song writers/singers, Elton John began his career in the 70s and was a success even back then. A great piano player, Elton John has recorded hot after after including the Princess of Diana tribute song Candle in the wind, Sacrifice and many other songs throughout his career. In 1974 he became a director for his favourite Football club, Watford Town FC and later ... Click Here to read more.

Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury came to fame through the pop band Queen who he was the lead singer. Queen first famous song was the 1975 smash hit Bohemien Rapsody which prepelled them to pop stardom. From 1975 through to the early 1990s, Queen were one of the most successful if not popular bands ever to have graced our radios.

Freddie Mercury had released a solo album titled Mr Bad Guy and performed a duet with Montserrat Caballé for the song Barcelona.

Freddie Mercury kept his private life to himself and had many ... Click Here to read more.

George Michael

George Michael is a pop star who came to fame through the band Wham in the 80s. In 1987 Wham had split and George Michael embarked on his successful solo career.

In the period 1992-1996 he started legal action against his former record label Columbia Records as he felt the record company had not been promoting his album as well as it deserved. He lost the case and the appeal and bought his way out of the contract turning to another one.

In 1996, he ... Click Here to read more.

Graham Norton

Graham Norton is most famous for his Channel 4 chat shows, So Graham Norton and Very Graham Norton. His outspoken and controversial approach to the chat host role and comments made in various media has made him ... Click Here to read more.

Ian McKellen

Ian McKellen is an actor who has starred in many films. The most famous of these films was the Lord of the Rings trillogy as he played the ... Click Here to read more.

K D Lang

Canadian born K D Lang is a successful Country Western singer. She started off her music career by singing at various venues in her homeland. In 1986 she signed a recording contract and has never looked back since.

Her cross over to the commercial market didnt go down popular ... Click Here to read more.

Marc Almond

Marc Almond is a 80s pop singer who is known for singing a cover of "Tainted Love" (with Soft Cell) and "Something's Gotten Hold ... Click Here to read more.

Michael Barrymore

Michael Barrymore most famous for the UK TV shows My Kind of Music, Get Set Go, Strike It Lucky and Marry The Midwife.

He is more famous for his private life. In 1995, Michael Barrymore ... Click Here to read more.

Rupert Everett

Rupert Everett is a actor/writer. In most of his films he has played the part of a homosexual individual. He has featured in many ... Click Here to read more.

Sam Fox

Sam Fox first shot to fame in the 80s as every mans dream girl as she was a page 3 girl and regulary posed nude in magazines. After this rise to fame she decided to become a successful solo music artist and released Top Ten hits in ... Click Here to read more.

Stephen Gately

The ex-model, Stephen Gately came to fame as a member of the former pop band in 1993. Stephen Gately ... Click Here to read more.

Tracy Chapman

Tracy Chapman is a singer most famous for the 1988 smash hit Fast Car. She ... Click Here to read more.

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